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Our Mission: 

To build community through dog-friendly events

We host and sponsor dog-friendly events in the Markham area that help promote, build, and empower local businesses while creating inclusive spaces for our community to meetup and make new friends. While doing this we promote rescues and charities to help animals in need.

Hoppy Easter 2023 v2_edited.jpg

Hoppy Easter 2023

Dog-Friendly Spaces in Markham 

This map shows all of the dog-friendly businesses in Markham and surrounding area.


"When I first got a dog I wanted to do everything in my ability to give my dog the best life possible. About a year ago we started attending Markham Dog Alliance events and it was the best thing that has ever happened to us. I love that Markham Dog Alliance allowed us to make a community of such amazing people and I am so thankful to all the members and vendors who show genuine love to my doggo. 💜"

- Harleen, Biggie's Mom

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